Enrolling with the Hauora

Enrolling with the Hauora

Enrolling with us is easy: just come into the Hauora and we'll help you fill in an enrolment form.

The benefits of enrolling are that your visits to the Hauora will be cheaper and you will have direct access to a range of services linked to the PHO. The Hauora comes under the umbrella of the Manaia Primary Healthcare Organisation.

Other things to know

Anyone over the age of 16 must sign their own enrolment form.

If you have moved from another Doctor, we will ask you to sign a form as part of your enrolment to allow us to get your medical records transferred from your previous Doctor. For us to provide a quality service, it is important that we have your old records available.

PLEASE NOTE: New enrolments take about one week to process, after which you can make an appointment to see the GP/Nurse Practitioner. For a new enrolment, we will need to book you in for a free full health assessment with the Nurse. Please be aware that the full health check takes approx. 40 minutes.

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