Our Work

Ma whero ma pango ka oti ai te mahi

With red and black the work will be complete

This refers to co-operation where if everyone does their part, the work will be complete. The colours refer to the traditional kowhaiwhai patterns on the inside of the meeting houses.

We are a Māori kaupapa, whānau-centred organisation.  But we are not just for Māori.  We embrace an inclusive model of care and support and we are here for everyone in our community.

We have diverged from the most travelled path of rebuilding and restoring communities, which focused on a community's needs, deficiencies and problems.

Instead, we have a clear commitment to discovering our community's assets, capacities and abilities.  We are building our strength from within our community. 

We adhere to an aspirational, asset-based community development model (Kretzemann & McKnight, 1993) delivered through a Māori lens

We are here to promote our community and do   
so by providing a range of programmes. 

Kāinga Ora ō Otangarei is our most recent community development project.

We have the following programmes available for tamariki and taitamariki

  • Akshyn Tyme Playgroup (0-5 Years) - Parent participation in their child's development
  • Puawai Puriri Holiday Programme (OSCAR - 5-14 Years) - Activities during the school holidays

We have a Hauora Centre located in the heart of our community, which offers a suite of options for all people.

  • General Practice
  • Care Plus Consultants
  • Community Kaiawhina
  • Tinana - Asthma, Arthritis, Diabetes, Community Midwifery, Well Women
  • Health Promotions - Healthy Eating Programme, Smoking Cessation & Quit Support Group, SPCA-Otangarei Residents
  • Pou Hākinakina - Moving the Māori Nation

We have a team of highly competent Social Workers, Financial Mentors and Youth Workers based across the road from our head office.  Our team can help you access a range of programmes and supports, including:

  • Financial Mentoring - Individuals and Family
  • Community Social Workers
  • Community Support Workers - Home Visits, Programmes and Activities
  • Youth Support Services (14-17 Years) - Justice, Education, Mentoring, Advocacy
  • Māori Counselling Services - Individual & Family
  • Family Violence Prevention - Advocacy, Education

Our Whānau Ora approach offers a suite of options that meet the diverse needs of our community, including:

  • Aspirational Planning - Whānau P.A.T.H.
  • Navigational Resource - Kaiarahi
  • Facilitating access to resources
  • Māori Community Research
  • Community Development - Events and projects

We are currently in the process of a social housing strategy.  More information will be made available as the project progresses.