Rakau Rangatira

Rākau Rangatira

Rākau Rangatira is a membership programme which opens up access to a wide range of support, services and activities for members and their whānau.  The foundations of this programme are:

  • a 'membership' (to which members contribute and continue to build)
  • structured peer support network (recognising the mental health support needs)
  • access to programmes, services and supports that the member requires to achieve their aspirations
  • facilitated participation in community activity and into the Kāinga Ora ō Otangarei mahi (focusing on what they can contribute)

Members will have access to the following:

  • Individual Aspirational Plans
  • One-on-one support
  • Community gym and training programme
  • Specialised health programmes
  • Educational sessions in employment, leadership, financial literacy
  • Playgroup and holiday programmes for your taitamiriki
  • Support groups (which will include at least two outings per year)
  • Attendance at inspirational speaker workshops (six per year)
  • Participation in community events and training or work opportunities
  • Opportunities to contribute to the community, including developing further of the membership

Our Rākau Rangatira programme aligns to our organisation's three high-level outcomes:

Supporting and growing the leader within

Supporting and growing social kinships and economic wealth

Whānau and community contributing to wealth and wellness



Our Rākau Rangatira programme includes the following:

  • Building and maintaining participants' confidence and motivation
  • Enhancing participants' ability to self-manage, problem solve and achieve goals unaided in the future
  • Encouraging and supporting participants to embark on healthy lifestyles
  • Supporting and growing social kinships and economic wealth for the participant and their whānau
  • Providing advice and assistance around effective money management and setting financial goals and expectations
  • Creating participant awareness of education and training opportunities, including literacy and numeracy
  • Creating participant awareness in terms of their work capability
  • Supporting clients to develop solutions to barriers, i.e. health, travel, training and experience, childcare
  • Working collaboratively with participants to assess the appropriateness of their employment goals and on any other aspects of their life that will assist in achievement of those goals
  • Providing one-on-one career advice that recognise the participants' strength and identifies their interests, career aspirations and how to make effective and appropriate career choices to realise their preferred future
  • Increasing participants' involvement in the community restoration and rebuild programme

Members will be supported through their journey by:

  • Kairaranga Rākau Rangatira (Programme Co-ordinator)
  • Kairaranga Whānau Whaiora (Peer Support Worker)

Members will be supported through one-on-one and group engagement.  Both the Kairaranga will be responsible for keeping members engaged, promote participation, provide coaching, mentoring, support to the members and their whānau.  In addition:

  • Kairaranga Whānau Whaiora will run the peer support network and associated programme of activity
  • Kairaranga Rākau Rangatira will ensure the suite of options required to support the members are available (including negotiating access to existing services or developing or facilitating the development of new services, initiatives, programmes for members)

The services required to meet the needs of the members will come from within the suite of programmes delivered by our organisation; from other providers within the region; purchased where necessary; or developed by the Kairaranga Rākau Rangatira.