Frequently Asked Questions about Rākau Mārō

  • No. Participants retain their Job Seeker benefit while attending Rākau Māro.
  • No. While you are on the programme, and as long as you are meeting your Rākau Māro commitments, you’ll be excused from other W&I obligations.
  • There is no fixed term for Rākau Māro. Some people are successful at getting into work within 3 months. Others will take longer. It depends on the skills and preparation you require, your own personal goals and the work opportunities available.
  • No. Rākau Māro is a pathway, not a training course. We’ll do our best to help you prepare for work or further training. We will help with things like working towards a drivers licence or access to training courses, depending on your goals.
  • Rākau Māro is opt-in. If after awhile you decide to leave the programme, your normal W&I Job Seeker obligations will apply.