About Us

Tē tōia, tē haumatia

Nothing can be achieved without a plan, workforce and way of doing things.

Te Hau Āwhiowhio ō Otangarei Trust evolved from a merger between two founding members of Te Hau Āwhiowhio ō Otangarei Whānau Ora Collective - Otangarei Trust and Te Puawaitanga ō Otangarei Healthcare Centre. 

The strategic intent of our organisation is defined by three outcomes:

Mā te whānau tō rātou ake waka e hoe

Whānau determine their own direction and destiny

Mā te oranga ka anga whakaua te whānau

Whānau are thriving, healthy and contributing to social wellness

Mā te tautoko a ngā kaitātaki ka tū pakari te hāpori

With vibrant community leadership whānau will thrive
with confidence

The principles of our organisation are derived from kōrero by Associate Professor Mānuka Hēnare (2014) detailed in He Korunga ō ngā Tikanga: Pluralism Ethics - Matrix of Ethics, which is based on a philosophy of tika (search for the truth of things).

Principles from the Atua (Gods)

Principles and ethics developed by
Tangata (Man)

Forms of behaviour and cultural practice that reinforce kawa and tikanga (custom and protocol)

The values of our organisation are:

Kinship, relationships, sense of belonging

Hospitality, showing respect and generosity

Autonomy, self-determination, control over one's destiny

Unity, collective action to common purpose for common good

In 2015 we developed our most recent Strategic Plan to guide us towards 2025.  Our Strategic Plan is our living, working document that ensures we uphold our Vision, our Mission and our Values.  It talks about WHAT we want to achieve, HOW we aim to achieve and THEN what we expect to happen.